Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Xcursion

Going for the Food Fair Festival at Dewan Masyarakat in the late afternoon

Of course the kids are having the best time...

At the entrance of the food festival venue

Earlier on in the morning, went over to 'that's 70's' Reservoir Park for a walk

And of course not left behind taking that's 70's photo for the kids to remember when they grow old ha..

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sabah Trip - Manukan Island here we come

Sabah Trip - The Manukan Island xplore, 1 June

Snorkeling activity at Manukan Island just off the coast of KK.

Embarkinh by boat from Jesselton Point harbour.

Admiring the varied marine life that could be seen clearly from the jetty at Manukan Island.

Sabah Trip - Mt Kinabalu, May 31

Buying Sabah veggie at Kundasang.

Sabah Trip - Canopy Walk, May 31

A canopy walk on top of trees at 900 metre at the Poring Hot Spring National Park. Baby seems to be taking it cool. Way to go Baby!!

Easy does it, says Hazel (the girl with the red shirt) . She said before the canopy walk 'Aram kitai Sembaiang' (Let us pray).

Hazel, safe at last with Mummy by her side.

The view at 900 metre above the Tapang trees at the national park.

Sabah Trip - Ranau and Kundasang May 31

Mount Kinabalu at last!!! Aki and Baby enjoying the scenery at the foot of Mount Kinabalu lookout point.

A shot of the mountain view from the Nabalu town lookout tower.

Taking a pause for some souvenir photo at Poring Hot Spring.

The source of the Poring Hot Spring volcanic sulphur smelling water.

A beautiful stream at the entrance of the Poring Hot Spring in Ranau.

Sabah Trip - KK May 30

The Kadazan 'Sumazau' dance being performed at Port View Seafood Village at the KK Waterfront.

Enjoying the great food and entertainment for the evening.

A must visit and to buy lot of souvenir at the Fillipino Market handicraft center. The price tag seems to be pricey, but if you bargain good it could be very low price.

Next to it is the Anchovies (Pusu) and Ikan Masin market lots of good buys here as well.

The shopping paradise on Borneo Island, the 1 Borneo. Huge and expensive playground for those who love shopping.